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How CACL’s work through transforming communities, strengthening families & defending rights changes lives.

Young man at work smiling for the camera

Looking for participants to be featured in “Flourishing”, a short documentary about suffering and human flourishing. Learn more.

Man filming another man in an industrial building

Ensuring that a family perspective is integral to the goals and activities of the work done by those involved in the CACL Federation.

Boy with a disability surrounded by his family.

Stay tuned for ways to join us over the next year as we reflect on our history and continue to build an inclusive Canada where everyone belongs....

This year CACL celebrates its 60th anniversary

Ready, Willing & Able

Working with employers across Canada to increase the labour force participation of people with an intellectual disability or ASD.

Man with an intellectual disability happily working in a gardening centre.

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Bringing solutions to people with intellectual disabilities, their families & communities – increasing housing choices & opportunity.

Young man with an intellectual disability playing his guitar at home.

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Child's hand on other person's hand who is in a wheelchair.

Protecting Choice & Safeguarding Inclusion

It is time to get past the polarizing views on the morality, ethics and laws around...

Outside of an institution.

Close Institutions in Canada

Today in Canada, thousands of Canadians with intellectual disabilities remain trapped in large, segregated institutions...

Girl with Down syndrome happily participating in class.

No Excuses

Over 70% of parents, whose children with intellectual disabilities are in regular classrooms, report that their children...