Canadians with an intellectual disability are among the most vulnerable in Canadian society to experience widespread poverty and exclusion.

The main barriers causing poverty and exclusion of people with an intellectual disability are negative perceptions and attitudes, communication barriers, failing social infrastructure, and a lack of power over personal decision making.

CACL and People First of Canada have partnered together to submit a policy brief that responds to the Government of Canada’s calls for input and consultation with Canadians on federal Accessibility Legislation and a Poverty Reduction Strategy. The paper, A Path to Coordinated Federal Leadership and Investment In Accessibility, Inclusion and Poverty Reduction For Canadians with an Intellectual Disability, is now available online.

The policy brief outlines the realities of social and economic exclusion, barriers to an accessible and inclusive Canada for people with an intellectual disability, methods for building on current commitments, including federal leadership for a coordinated strategy, and the need for a national action plan.

Read the full brief here