On February 7, 2017, the Government of Canada announced the reinstatement and modernization of the Court Challenges Program (CCP). The CCP will combine the former Program and the Language Rights Support Program with a more streamlined approach. The Program will provide financial support to Canadians to access the courts for the litigation of precedent-setting test cases of national significance that help clarify certain constitutional and quasi-constitutional official language rights and human rights in Canada.

The modernized CCP will cover a broadened scope of rights, thereby ensuring that the Program’s scope reflects societal and demographic changes, as well as the evolution of rights jurisprudence. In light of this, the Government of Canada has now expanded the grounds for Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms challenges to include fundamental freedoms, democratic rights, and rights with respect to life, liberty and security of the person.  The Government of Canada has also expanded the official-language rights component of the Program by adding important language rights guaranteed under the Official Languages Act.

The CCP will be implemented and managed by an independent organization and two expert panels will render test case funding decisions.

Call for Proposals was launched to select the independent organization who will implement and administer the CCP.

It is expected that, by fall 2017, the Program’s governance structure will be in place and the independent organization will begin to accept applications for funding.

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