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From Values to Action

The Community Living movement has reached its half-century mark. In 2008 the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) celebrates 50 years as a national movement and association — of making a difference in lives of individuals, families and communities. In celebrating 50 years of accomplishment, we are aware that the full inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities is not yet a reality for all. Looking forward to our next 50 years, we know our actions, collectively as a country and individually, must be guided by values that anchor our vision of a truly inclusive and accessible Canada. This document provides an overview of CACL’s 10-objective, 10-year agenda and the path and structures CACL and its Provincial/Territorial federation have adopted to move our core values into action.

The Council coordinates its collective efforts through federation action planning andNational Action Committees (NACs). NACs, comprised of representatives from a variety of provinces and territories, work within a shared framework for planning and developing Federation Action Plans. Federation Action Plans provide an overview of the issues and actions and activities, including strategies to raise public awareness, create community partnerships, undertake needed research and share information, promote public policy change, and develop family leadership to guide change, designed to contribute to the attainment of benchmarks associated with each objective.