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Invisible No More

Invisible No More is a photography art book that chronicles the journey of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Canada. The book's primary aim is to bring the faces and stories of people with intellectual disabilities and their families to the mainstream public. The message is that inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their families is one of the last frontiers in achieving a truly diverse society.

The book has two distinct parts. The first part consists of a historical/contextual essay by Catherine Frazee, former Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and now Professor of Distinction in Disability Studies at Ryerson University. Drawing on archival photographs and records, and research it chronicles the social history of intellectual disability in Canada.

The second part presents the face and voices of people with disabilities and their families, through a lengthy photo essay in both images and words. Photographs and text by Vincenzo Pietropaolo in the genre of social documentary photography. They portray daily lives of people being included in their neighbourhoods, schools, with other siblings and family members, at work, on the street, at play, at worship, and special days like birthdays. It is also reflective of cultural diversity, rural/urban landscapes, and regional differences across Canada.

Both an English and a French version have been produced, identical in visual and narrative content.

To order copies of the book please download the order form or contact CACL directly.

Italian-born (1951) Vincenzo Pietropaolo is an independent photographer based in Toronto. Active in photography since 1971, he is self-taught. His artistry and social commitment have won him widespread recognition and awards. Canadian Geographic magazine recently (2006) called him “one of Canada's pre-eminent documentary photographers”. His work exploring the immigrant experience, including Italian immigrants, migrant farm workers, and refugees in Canada has been widely acclaimed. He is noted for his documentation of the world of work and the labor movement, as well as for his exploration of urban issues in cities like Toronto, New York, Havana, and Mexico City. He lectures at colleges and universities, frequently exhibits internationally, and has published six books of photography. His work is included in many institutional and corporate collections.