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Working at Tim's was like opening a door

Mark Wafer, Tim Hortons owner, and Clint Sparling

The Tim's model is the tip of the iceberg for hiring people with disabilities.

Clint Sparling loves his job. And since the day Sparling, who has Down syndrome, began work at a Scarborough Tim Hortons nearly 20 years ago, he has been Mark Wafer’s best employee. “He didn’t want to go home, he worked through his breaks,” Wafer says. “He had loyalty I couldn’t buy.” Sparling, 41, keeps the dining room at Wafer’s biggest outlet running smoothly: clearing tables, operating the dishwasher, dealing with the garbage and keeping the floors clean. And he is clear about his feelings for the job. “Working at Tim Hortons was like opening a door,” he says. “I love it." More on this story

Source: thestar.comBarbara Turnbull
Image: Njnnetwork