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New IRIS Initiative in Collaboration with Roshanak Jaberi

Wed, 2016-03-16 - - IRIS, Research

The Institute for Research on Inclusion and Society (IRIS) recently received an award from the Ontario Arts Council’s Creative Engagement Fund to continue their work on the use of art for social change. The project is a collaboration with Roshanak Jaberi, a talented Iranian-Canadian performer, choreographer, producer and activist.

CACL report helps to build case for systemic discrimination


Ontario Human Rights Commission lawyer Sunil Gurmukh told the Human Rights Tribunal to reconsider this case, which was deemed out of its jurisdiction, because of the amount of time that passed since the plaintif received her first paycheque was about 10 years before. Sunil Gurmukh said that "reconsideration is a matter of public importance" in this article published about the case.

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