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Report recommendations for the improvement of disabilities services

On July 22, the Select Committee on Developmental Services released a report containing several important recommendations for the improvement of disabilities services. The report itself contains 45 suggestions for change with their first priority being the elimination of waiting lists for individuals waiting to receive developmental and intellectual disability support and services from the government of Ontario. 

Earlier this year, the Liberal government announced it would increase funding for developmental services by an additional $810 million to the $1.7-billion annual budget. Part of that budget, was a two-year plan for eliminating wait. Community Living Ontario’s Chris Beesley was quoted in the article printed by The Star, stating the organization has given the report “two thumbs up” and that  there is “a lot we can work with in this report.“ "All people have a right to appropriate and timely supports and services throughout their lives,” the report states. The waiting time to receive disability supports and services has caused many families to feel “pushed to the brink of the disaster. According to Community Living Ontario, the organization reports that there are about 12,000 Ontarians with developmental disabilities waiting for beds.

The report addresses a number of concerns expressed by parents and advocates. The strong emphasis on eliminating wait lists, shows that “providing services is a social responsibility — not a discretionary matter.”

Photo: West Annex News
Source: TheStar.Com