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Project Value: Disabled Lives Have Value

August 15, 2016 - - Physician Assisted Suicide

Project Value, currently available on Facebook, is a video collection featuring Canadians with disabilities sharing why disabled lives have value.

Project Value emerged from the complex discussion in Canada about doctor-assisted suicide. Canadians with disabilities are worried that Canadians are only getting one side of the disability story – that death is a natural choice for "these poor suffering disabled people". Advocates from Project Value believe that story doesn’t speak to the experiences of many with disabilities.

Featuring advocates such as Norman Kunc and Catherine Frazee, as well as many others from across the country, the Project seeks to explore a different perspective; to share stories and experiences that contradict the narrative that disability is a fate worse than death.

Follow Project Value on Facebook to watch the entire series. To watch Catherine Frazee’s contribution, click here.