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CACL-PFC Joint Task Force responds to reversal of Michener Centre closure

CACL-PFC Joint Task Force on The Right to Live in Community responds to Alberta's reversal of Michener Centre closure

Michener Centre

What Home Means to Me


The place we call home is usually more than four walls and some stuff. People First of Canada recently released a video called What Home Means to Me. Shane Haddad, President of the organization, stated, "For people with intellectual disabilities, having a home means a lot. It means having freedom, having rights, having a life, and most importantly, being included."

Discussions with MPs


This morning over a breakfast with MPs on Parliment Hill CACL, members of the ACL Federation and People First of Canada mingled with MPs, Ministers and other Parlimentary Officials sharing our message about building an inclusive labor market.

Breakfast with MPs


Today November 27th, representatives from the Canadian Association for Community Living and People First of Canada will be on Parliament Hill to meet with Members of Parliament and share information about a proposed initiative to advance labour market inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities.

The Choice is Ours Slideshow Diary


We put together a little slideshow diary of some of the activity that went on at our 2012 National Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba this past week. We hope you enjoy it!

Available Now!!! 2012 National Conference Program guide


Its available now!!! "The Choice Is Ours", the 2012 National Conference program guide. You can download it now here!

Get all the details about this years conference and more.

Inclusion Conference 2012 - join the conversation online!


Our 2012 conference is days away and we are very excited about it!! The office is a buzz with activity as we prepare to make a buzz about inclusion and many of our other areas of focus with an end result of full inclusion for all in society!  Which CACL advocates for on a daily basis!

The time is getting close to our 2012 National Conference!


The time is getting close to our National Conference in Winnipeg and we are looking forward to reconnecting with you all at that time. The "Choice is Ours" conference will be an exciting few days with world renowned speakers and sessions that will enlighten, educate and empower us all.

2012 National Conference Early Bird Registration Extended


As a little summer treat we have decided to extend the early bird registration fee for the 2012 National Conference to just after Labor Day!

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