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Opportunity to Serve as Treasurer on CACL Board (Volunteer Position)

September 21, 2017 - -

Click here to download the job description.

The Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) is looking for a new Treasurer, based in the Greater Toronto Area, to serve on its Board of Directors for at least a 2 year term. CACL also has a Foundation (CACLF) for fund development purposes, and a research institute that is separately incorporated. The Treasurer of CACL is also the Treasurer of CACLF and IRIS.

Our vision for CACL

CACL is a registered charity and is the national office of one of Canada's largest voluntary organizations. Its headquarters are in Toronto and it is closely affiliated with its local and provincial/territorial member organizations across Canada. The organization has an excellent reputation for developing and advocating progressive policies and programs and works both nationally and internationally.

Almost 750,000 Canadians live with an intellectual disability, and millions more are family members, friends and advocates. With the potential for inclusion more visible on the horizon than ever before, individuals, families and community leaders are trail blazing. We are beginning to see new pathways to quality inclusive education, employment, participation and belonging in communities across Canada.

Yet in 2017, isolation, exclusion, poverty and victimization remain the norm for far too many, indeed for the majority of people with an intellectual disability. Human rights violations and systemic discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities persist in Canada and around the world.  In a number of areas, there is concern that advances in education, deinstitutionalization, and community supports are now threatened and slippage is evident. With a growing sense among families and our member associations across Canada that possibilities for an inclusive life in community are increasingly precarious, CACL is re-focusing our priorities and taking on new roles. We intend to lead the way in helping Canadians to confront the threat and to build a fully inclusive Canada. 

The Treasurer role

As Treasurer, we will look for you to provide leadership and direction on both our financial and wider objectives. Specifically, we would look for you to:

  • Bring objectivity and an independent view to our discussions
  • Help the Board steer CACL to refine its strategic focus and achieve greater impact
  • Ensure CACL achieves high standards of financial probity and governance

Time Commitment

The minimum commitment is to participate in telephone-based board meetings for both volunteer organizations, which take place in the evenings approximately every month other than the summer (i.e. 10 meetings a year); there is also one face to face meeting a year at the annual general meeting.  In addition, he/she would be required to meet with our financial officer and Executive Vice President when required; this may be at the Treasurer's convenience by phone or in the CACL offices. 

CACL has traditionally relied on its Treasurer for much more than pure accounting and financial assistance. The role would therefore appeal to a person with a broadly based commercial background with the ability and willingness to provide both strategic and tactical input to CACL; and with interest in reaching out to his/her networks to help advance CACL’s mission.  The position will become available when the current Treasurer stands down at the AGM in December 2017.

Expression of Interest - November 1, 2017

Those interested to serve as Treasurer should send a letter of interest and a CV to Joy Bacon, President of the Canadian Association for Community Living at: . If you would like further information on the position and responsibilities, please contact Joy Bacon at the above address.