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Newest Issue of Coming Together Celebrates Our Volunteers.

As Mary Whitehead, Chair of The CACL Family Leadership and Grassroots Engagement
Advisory Committee wrote in her editorial of our most recent issue of Coming Together:

The volunteer base of CACL has always been our bedrock and the grassroots foundation of our organization. These people, who give so freely of their talent and time are the reason community is as diverse and accepting as it is. The volunteers of CACL hold the vision and values of the movement and are the driving force in creating inclusive communities where we are all valued and respected.
In this edition, we feature people from across Canada who have found their giving moment. Volunteers who give freely of their time, often a lifetime, in supporting and advancing the values
and mission of our movement. To them, and the thousands of volunteers they represent, our thanks

Download the most recent issue of Coming Together

Coming Together Winter 2014