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The Inclusive Classroom Debate

September marks the start of a brand new school year for many students, however, for some parents, it represents uncertainty. For parents of children with developmental and intellectual disabilities, finding a school that is the right fit for their child can be quite the challenge.

Inclusive Classroom

Inclusion BC talks about inclusion for students with special needs in our schools

If you missed the radio interview earlier this week about the need for Inclusive Education in BC schools that we posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we now have links to the podcast archives of the full radio show.

Ready, Willing, and Able


In case you missed it through out all of our activity yesterday CACL and People First of Canada launched a booklet with stories about employment from every province and territory:  “Ready, Willing and Able,” which you can download here in both official languages.

Discussions with MPs


This morning over a breakfast with MPs on Parliment Hill CACL, members of the ACL Federation and People First of Canada mingled with MPs, Ministers and other Parlimentary Officials sharing our message about building an inclusive labor market.

On my way....


The BC Association for Community Living is proud to launch the “On my way” video blog. This project is meant to help students with special needs and their families prepare for a full life after high school. Our goal is to increase options and opportunities leading to full inclusion and citizenship for people with developmental disabilities.

Achieving Inclusion Across the Globe


Join Inclusion International and The Arc of the United States at the 2012 National Convention and International Forum - Achieving Inclusion Across the Globe- in Washington D.C. October 25-28.

Alberta Association of Community Living Youth Forum - interview on Global TV


On Saturday, April 14th 2012 - Nathan Ip and Aimee Steinke talked about the Alberta Association of Community Living Youth Forum as part of the AACL's 20th Annual Family Conference which took place on April 13th and 14th in Edmonton Alberta.

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