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Tim's Story

Tim's Place Albuquerque's Service With A Smile

Tims Place Hugs

Coming Together - The Power and Wisdom of Families!

Coming Together Volume 7, Issue 2 is now available for download

CT-Vol 7 Issue 2

View Point - Audrey Cole, Another Side of the Christmas Story

Audrey D. ColeView Point our irregularly occurring series of guest blog posts by community members wishing to express opinions, raise awareness and develop community dialogue.





Mother Responds to Toddler in Target Ads

Izzy Bradley - Target Ad

Her name is Izzy. She's 2 years old and is pictured playing with an activity cube. Izzy also happens to have Down syndrome.
Reporter Angela Davis visited her at her home Wednesday and talked with her mother.






Happy Holidays

 To You And Your Family From Everyone At CACL

Holiday Wishes From CACL 2014

Help Us End Exclusion This Holiday Season

CACL xmas message

You are asked to give a lot during the holiday season. On top of all you do, please consider a gift to CACL that could make the difference between someone being isolated and marginalized or being empowered to contribute and give back.

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