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Inclusion BC

Laurie Meston – National Inclusive Education Award

Laurie Meston – National Inclusive Education AwardFebruary is Inclusive Education month, CACL recognizes Laurie Meston Inclusion BC, National Inclusive Education Award recipient

Inclusion BC recognizes Senior Administrator Laurie Meston with the National Inclusive Education Award

The Story of a Civil Rights Movement

As Inclusion BC prepares to celebrate their 60th Anniversary in 2015, Inclusion BC remembers those fearless families in 1955 who, with one simple decision, created a tidal wave of change. They took their children with developmental disabilities home rather than have them placed in an institution.
Today Inclusion BC is building on a 60-year legacy of the success and courage of families faced with immense barriers.

Inclusion BC talks about inclusion for students with special needs in our schools

If you missed the radio interview earlier this week about the need for Inclusive Education in BC schools that we posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we now have links to the podcast archives of the full radio show.

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