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Give This Holiday Season & Help Us End Exclusion in Our Communities

December 6, 2017 - -

CACL is the only national organization representing children and adults with an intellectual disability and their families in their desire for a meaningful and inclusive life. For 60 years, in partnership with our 13 provincial and territorial member associations, we have been making a fundamental and powerful difference in the lives of tens of thousands of individuals and families across this country. We would be truly grateful if during this season of giving you were to consider CACL as one of your charities of choice

CACL is leading the way in helping Canadians build an inclusive Canada by strengthening families, supporting children and adults, and partnering with communities to create places of belonging for everyone. CACL has been a leader in creating Canada's first national initiative to generate employment for individuals with intellectual disabilities with great success. Working together with our provincial and territorial partners, 1800 individuals with an intellectual disability living in your communities are now employed, almost all for the very first time in their lives. This Federally funded project is currently at risk of ending - without additional resources, individuals who could secure employment will be relegated to segregated and impoverished options. On average, close to 80% of individuals with intellectual disabilities are unemployed - and this will not change for the entirety of their lifetime without your support.

CACL has also worked to provide our provincial and territorial members the ability to offer unique programs and services directly to individuals and families. Enabling our provincial and territorial members to tailor their supports and services to best suit families and individuals in your communities is a distinctive hallmark of CACL. These supports have ranged from assisting teachers and schools to provide quality inclusive education to bringing families together to learn about their rights and options as parents to helping individuals with an intellectual disability access health services or the justice system. These funds are limited in both time and amount, with the consequence of some benefiting while others watch from the sidelines, and wait and wait... with the potential for a more inclusive and fulfilling life passing them by. Your support would enable us to continue sustaining and expanding this funding to make a difference to a greater number of children, adults, and families in your community.

These are just two of the many ways CACL is making a national difference in your community. The capacity to continue to advocate nationally on behalf of children and adults with an intellectual disability and their families - so they can access needed supports in their communities, in your communities - cannot exist without a strong national voice. 

Ensure your voice is heard and making a difference by supporting CACL today.

Please consider making a donation to help to give people with intellectual disabilities and their families the opportunity to build a truly inclusive life in community. Your gift this holiday season can help to strengthen families, defend rights, and transform communities into places where everyone belongs.