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Fall 2013 Issue of Institution Watch is available now

The latest issue of Institution Watch is now available for download. In this edition we have asked individuals from across the country to provide their perspective. Commentary as to why we have successfully closed large institutions but have not yet enabled people with intellectual disabilities to exercise true choice and control in and over their lives, and to offer suggestions as to how this situation can be changed.

The world continues to pay attention to what happened to people at Huronia Regional Centre

Marilyn Dolmage has been instrumental in supporting the plaintiffs who came forward in this case and has been very involved in the process.  Below is an update from Marilyn on the media coverage this decision has generated.

Marilyn Dolmage

Huronia: Last Minute Settlement Reached

An historic settlement was finally reached early this morning, as proceedings were set to begin, between lawyers for the Huronia Regional Centre (HRC) survivors and the Province of Ontario. The institutional survivors of the HRC will finally receive the justice they have been demanding from the Ontario government for years. More about this story can be found here

A good day to be Canadian


Above: Valley View Centre, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. An immense facility built in 1955 and designed to house up to 1500 Saskatchewan residents with intellectual disabilities.


A good day to be Canadian

Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 24, 2012 – Today, the Government of Saskatchewan announced the closure

Institutions vs Community Living

Paul Caune ‬disability rights activist and self-advocate talks about‪ Institutions vs Community Living.‬ Here he talks about getting political to have them closed down as well as his own living situation about how living in the community has changed his quality of life VS that of what it would be like in an institution. In this video Paul also answers the question whether institutional living is more economical or not, which is always a big item on the agenda on this debate.

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