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Community Living

2014 recipient of the Community Living Parry Sound Bursary

Autumn Kozluk is the 2014 recipient of the Community Living Parry Sound (CLPS) bursary. The annual $150 award is given to a high school student each year for their efforts in community living.

Autumn Kozluk

Young boy with Intellectual Disability’s bike loss turned around by officers at Toronto’s 23 Division

Over this past weekend on May 10th it was reported that an 11-year-old boy living with an Intellectual Disability had his bicycle stolen, during a visit to a local library in the community.  This story has a positive outcome to the incident; Officers at 23 Division donated a bike to the boy (pictured below) acknowledging the hardship this theft had caused him and his family.

Institutions vs Community Living

Paul Caune ‬disability rights activist and self-advocate talks about‪ Institutions vs Community Living.‬ Here he talks about getting political to have them closed down as well as his own living situation about how living in the community has changed his quality of life VS that of what it would be like in an institution. In this video Paul also answers the question whether institutional living is more economical or not, which is always a big item on the agenda on this debate.

Article view point - "Why we should be concerned about community living"


A few words from CACL's new president Laurie Larson. In this first blog post by Laurie she speaks to a great article that recently appeared in the Victoria Times Colonist on November 10th. The article titled "Why we should be concerned about community living - Creation of an inclusive system for disability support is long overdue" brings to light the long overdue need for creation of an inclusive system for disability support. Read some of Laurie's thoughts on the article and follow the link to read the article itself.


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