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Community Forum for Robust Safeguards in Bill C-14

June 17, 2016 - - Physician Assisted Suicide

Be strong. Be safe. Be heard.

On Thursday, June 16th in Ottawa, Canadians with disabilities called upon lawmakers to limit medically assisted death to persons at the end of life, who are free from inducement and fully informed of all medical and social interventions that could ease their suffering.

At the Community Forum for Robust Safeguards in Bill C-14 hosted by the National Disability Rights Community and moderated by CACL Executive Vice-President, Michael Bach, the disability community let Parliamentarians know what is at stake for disabled Canadians and their families.

Speakers included James Hicks, National Coordinator, Council of Canadians with Disabilities; Catherine Frazee, Professor Emeritus Ryerson University School of Disability Studies; Ellen Cohen, National Coordinator, National Network for Mental Health; Bonnie Brayton, National Executive Director, DAWN-RAFH Canada, and others.
Canadians tuned into the live webcast online and shared their messages to Parliamentarians on ensuring robust safeguards in Bill C-14 are met.

This event continued a national conversation, launched by the National Disability Rights Community, and engaged Canadians with disabilities, their families and supporters working to ensure that Bill C-14 protects vulnerable Canadians.
The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, attended and spoke at the event, demonstrating her support for protecting vulnerable persons, as she concluded, “We believe it is crucial to have the reasonable foreseeability in the definition and the government will be redacting that particular amendment… Death is not better than living with a disability. We all know that. And I'm very confident that we're all going to make sure that no one in Canada, none of our children are ever made to thinkthat is a reality.”

Watch the event here and share your message to Parliamentarians online:

Click here to see a transcript of the event.