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Changing lives one job at a time in Burlington, Ontario


Inclusive Employment Ontario

Recently featured some great stories of inclusive employment through the services provided by Community Living Burlington which helps developmentally disabled employees find meaningful employment.
Stories such as the one below and others found in this article and in the video below, demonstrate how inclusive employment changes lives.

The moment you enter the warehouse for the Whiting Group of Canada, Allan McNeill quickly approaches with a warm smile.
Standing with his work cart filled with an assortment of items and topped with a flashing light, he takes great pride in his role as 5S co-ordinator. He quickly lists of what the five ‘S’ stand for, grinning as he remembers each one: sort, simplify, sweep, standardize and sustain. McNeill, 31, doesn’t point out he has Down syndrome – and neither does anyone around him. “My favourite part of the job is everybody here,” he said. Read more of this story

For more stories about inclusive employment see CACLs initiative Ready, Willing and Able

Photo: Halton Photog