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CACL Invited to Speak to Standing Senate Committee on Bill C-14 and Physician-Assisted Death

May 17, 2016 - - Physician Assisted Suicide

Michael Bach, CACL Executive Vice-President, was invited to speak in front of the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs in Ottawa to discuss CACL’s brief on physician-assisted death.

CACL’s brief submitted to the Standing Senate Committee titled, Medical Assistance in Dying: A Private Request, a Public System, includes proposed amendments of Bill C-14 on physician-assisted death to safeguard vulnerable persons.

CACL very strongly supports restricting access as proposed in Bill C-14 to those whose natural death is reasonably foreseeable. 

In his presentation to the senate, Dr. Bach proposed an amendment that would require "a palliative care consultation outlining the full range of treatment, technology and support options that might alleviate suffering and any vulnerability to inducement to commit suicide" as an essential prerequisite to enable any person to make an informed decision about medically assisted death.

The brief submitted by CACL also includes proposed amendments to Bill C-14’s current outline for eligibility for medical assistance in dying, prior review by superior court, and reporting on medical assistance in dying in Canada, in order to include more comprehensive safeguard for vulnerable persons. 

Dr. Bach is an Advisor to the Vulnerable Persons Standard, along with 40 other Canadian experts on law, ethics, and medicine.

You can read CACL’s brief and other Vulnerable Persons Standard Advisor briefs on the Vulnerable Persons Standard website.