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CACL EVP Michael Bach and People First ED Shelley Rattai talk about the Betty Anne Gagnon case on CBC


What Happened to Betty Anne Gagnon

Today Shelley Fletcher Rattai, executive director of People First of Canada and Michael Bach, executive vice-president of the Canadian Association for Community Living were guests on the CBC’s ‘The Current’. They were both interviewed about a recent documentary the on the Betty Anne Gagnon case, a story of a woman with an intellectual disability who died at the hands of her family caregivers, isolated and abused. This is not a case about lack of family support, it is about what happens when people are victims of violence, isolated and a system that should work to step in breaks down.
Michael Bach and Shelley Fletcher Rattai continued the discussion on CBCs the Current after the documentary was aired earlier in the program. You can listen to the full program below, with their comments and the full documentary "What happened to Betty Anne Gagnon?"


To read more about this story please see The Current for the full CBC picture on this story. You can find out more about what happened to Betty Anne Gagnon through CBC Edmonton's interactive website and also via a website set up by former supportive roommates