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2016 Census Looking for Diverse Employees

February 22, 2016 - - Employment Equality

The 2016 Census is staffing 35,000 jobs across Canada. These no-office jobs require staff to work in neighbourhoods and communities all over Canada to collect vital information on its citizens.

Wanting to reach out to many diverse populations, Census 2016 has called CACL to ask for help with promotion of their many available opportunities: The Census 2016 is looking for Crew Leaders and Enumerators, who will distribute door-to-door questionnaires and conduct interviews in-person and over the phone.

If you’re over 18, a Canadian citizen, and can work at least 20 flexible hours per week then this could be the job for you. 

Employment opportunities vary between early March and end of July 2016, with pay starting at $16.31 per hour.

As a Census employee, you’ll make a lasting contribution to Canada and play a role in shaping Canada’s community and services.

Are you interested or know someone who might be? Learn more and apply at: