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Texte: Petit / Large

Flourishing: A Documentary (Call for Participants)

Flourishing is a short documentary about suffering and human flourishing.

The laws and normative practice surrounding Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) in Canada are in flux. As judges, legislators and policymakers interpret the details of the Supreme Court’s Carter Decision and Parliament’s subsequent Bill C-14, Canadians must consider fundamental philosophical questions such as “what makes a life worth living?” and “what is a good life?”.

CACL wishes to expand Canadians’ understanding of these questions in a documentary that profiles the lives of three individuals who have experienced considerable suffering due to mental health, physical disability, or cognitive and intellectual disability. The goal of this film is to show how flourishing is complex and often co-exists with suffering in surprising ways.

Our characters will face circumstances that truly constitute suffering, yet in each case still find ways to flourish, or lead a life worth living. While we hope this character is compelling for audiences, we are deliberately not trying to tell a story of a person who has overcome adversity.

Rather than a story of how a few exceptional individuals have overcome suffering, we seek to show how those facing adversity juggle both suffering and flourishing simultaneously.


  • Shooting will last 3-4 days during July, August and September 2018
  • Participants will have final say about what is included in film

If you have questions, are a candidate, know a candidate, or wish to learn more about participation, please contact Scott Baker, Producer at Adjacent Possibilities, at