April is National Volunteer Month and the CACL Board of Directors is made up of 24 members, three of which are Marcella Baldwin, Claude Sauvé, and Roy Skoreyko, who self-identify as having an intellectual disability.

As a family-based organization in the inclusion movement, CACL believes in the importance of having board members who are self-advocates guiding its work. The volunteer contributions made by Marcella, Claude, and Roy are immensely significant to CACL’s vision and direction in advancing inclusion in Canada. This month we offer our gratitude to our many passionate volunteers!

Marcella Baldwin, Director-at-Large
Marcella Baldwin is a committed full-time volunteer and advocate on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities. She is an active member of the Simon Fraser Society for Community Living and their Self Advocacy Committee. Marcella has often been called upon as a guest speaker to high school students to share her personal experiences in the education system.

Claude Sauvé, Director-at-Large
Claude Sauvé is a native of Alexandria, Ontario and long-time supporter of equality and human rights. His goal is to continue helping people reach their full potential. He has always been passionate about educating people about their rights and working towards removing some of the many barriers that people with disabilities face.
Claude Sauve Headshot

Roy Skoreyko, Director-at-Large
Roy is a long-time advocate on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. His life experiences have been featured in books and film. Roy believes strongly that the voices of self-advocates must be heard and that all people must be valued and appreciated.

Roy Skoreyko Headshot



These are just a few of our dedicated Board members, click here to see a full list of the CACL Board of Directors.